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Barnett Electrical has the experience to update and upgrade a 1920's home and install new construction wiring up to the codes. We can help with any electrical issue at your home or business from a tripping breaker to a service rebuild, and anything in between.

Storm Damage

When storms hit we work 24-7 to make sure our customers have power restored. From your home to business, we will safely connect backup generators to keep you going during an outage. An improperly connected generator cannot only put you and your home in danger, back feeding power to the power company can create a very dangerous situation for linemen and other electricians.


We offer a full line of backup generators to meet the needs of your home or business. These range from full system protection to portable generator installs, allowing you to use your current generator,

Home Automation

Another cost effective way to reduce power consumption is automation from simple occupancy sensors to whole home sensors.  You can make sure when you are away from home that your lighting and appliances are off.

Home Remodeling

Every remodel needs an electrical upgrade or addition. It is important you hire a knowledgeable and experienced electrical team like Barnett Electrical. From upgrading service panels and adding GFCI's to a complete rewire with grounded outlets, we know the best and most economical techniques to accomplish your goals on time and on budget.

New Construction

We offer a full range of new construction services from design to job completion. We will make sure your home is exactly the way you want it.

Energy upgrades

With the prices of LED lighting falling, it is a great time to upgrade your home or business. Changing your lighting can save 75% or more from your lighting consumption.

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