AC Troubleshooting in Oklahoma City, OKHeat Pump Maintenance

Spend the summer in Oklahoma City and you will quickly realize how important a working air conditioner is. The average high in July is 93 degrees, so you need this air conditioner to keep you cool. When your AC isn’t working right, you need help right away. Barnett Electrical Services is here to help. 

AC troubleshooting isn’t as easy as it may appear. People often wonder why they can’t handle this task on their own. They see our technician arrive at the home and provide an AC diagnosis in little time. They assume they can figure out the problem as easily. 

However, it’s the hours of training and the years of experience on the job that allow our technicians to handle air conditioning troubleshooting so readily. Upon hearing the symptoms you are experiencing, they narrow the AC problem to a few potential causes. They can then determine the exact issue and recommend an AC repair.  

Call us today at (405) 794-9800 for HVAC troubleshooting. Our technicians are ready to help. You may also connect with us using the online form, as we want to make your air conditioner diagnosis visit as easy as possible.

Why Might You Need AC Troubleshooting in Oklahoma City, OK?

Many things may lead to you calling us for AC troubleshooting. For example, your air conditioner might stop working completely and you worry you need an AC replacement. Call us before making this determination. 

We’ll send someone out to see if an AC repair will fix the problem or if you need to replace the system because the repairs will be too costly. We only recommend an AC replacement when it is in your best interests. 

You may need air conditioning troubleshooting when the system blows warm air instead of cool, although you set the system for cooling. This is a common air conditioner problem, and we can help resolve it. 

The unit might run continuously or it may turn on and off rapidly. We refer to this as short-cycling, and it is a sign you have an AC problem. Don’t worry. Our technicians are skilled in AC diagnosis and will find the problem and fix it. 

You probably have an air conditioner problem if you need to wear a tank top and shorts in one room and then dress in layers in another room of the home. When the system works correctly, all rooms in the home should be the same temperature. If they aren’t, reach out. We’ll send someone out to address the issue. 

A leak in the air conditioner lets you know to call us right away. This is a problem you cannot let continue. Not only could the leak damage the system, but it could also lead to high energy bills. With our help, you can avoid these issues and have a working AC once again. 

Finally, if you notice any unusual smells or noises coming from the system, you probably need to call for HVAC troubleshooting. The system may put off a burning smell when this is the first time you are using the air conditioner this year. This comes from the dust that has built up in the system while it sat idle. 

If the smell doesn’t disappear in 15 or 30 minutes, however, it may be a sign that is a bigger air conditioning problem. Let us know and we’ll handle the air conditioner diagnosis and repair. 

Regardless of what you are seeing, hearing, and smelling with your air conditioner, we can help. Call us at (405) 794-9800 when you notice anything new with the HVAC system. You can also use our online form. Prompt action helps to keep the system in good working order and repair bills low. 

Steps to Take Before Calling for AC Troubleshooting in Oklahoma City, OK

However, before making this call, there are certain things you can check in the home to see if they are the reason your AC is not working. Check the thermostat to ensure a family member hasn’t changed the settings. The thermostat should be set to cooling and to the desired temperature. Make certain the fan is set to AUTO or ON rather than OFF. 

If the thermostat has the right settings, check the air filter. A clogged filter restricts airflow and could lead to the problems you are experiencing. Changing the filter may be enough to avoid the need for AC troubleshooting. If it doesn’t, we can help.

When your AC is not working at all, the circuit breaker may have tripped. Check the electrical panel. If the breaker has tripped, reset it.

If the breaker trips again within a short period, let us know. We need to determine why the circuit is shutting off. This may be a problem with the HVAC system or it could be an issue with the circuit breaker itself. 

Check the vents in the rooms that remain warm if certain rooms are cooling while others aren’t. Make certain they are open and there are no obstructions. 

If these steps don’t resolve the issue you are experiencing, let us know. We have technicians ready to help. They can be reached by calling (405) 794-9800 or filling out the online form. 

Why Home and Business Owners Turn to Use for AC Troubleshooting

Barnett Electrical wants a brighter future for our employees, our clients, and our community. We strive to provide honest and skilled service to all clients, as we are a family of tradesmen and want to represent our industry properly. 

We have been helping home and business owners in the Oklahoma City area for over 35 years now, and they love us for our professional, efficient, and reliable service. They know they can count on us for their HVAC repair, installation, and replacement needs.

Call Barnett Electrical Services at (405) 794-9800 for help with AC troubleshooting in Oklahoma City, OK or use our online form to request this help. We can diagnose the problem and complete the AC repair or AC replacement. Whatever you need, we are ready to help.