Surge Protection Services in Oklahoma City

Every Surge Protection Services Oklahoma Cityyear many homeowners have to file insurance claims for power surges that cause damage to devices in their homes. Protecting your home against power surges is important, but many people have inadequate solutions and do not know what kind of protection they need. At Barnett Electrical Services, we are on a mission to help homes in the Oklahoma City area to be better protected from both external and internal power surges.

What is a Power Surge and How are They Caused?

A power surge occurs when the voltage of electricity coming into your home changes in any way. It can occur when there has been an increase in voltage for any reason or an interruption that causes an abnormal surge of electricity through your outlets and into your appliances or devices. They can also occur when an appliance has a backflow of electricity rather than drawing electricity as it is made to do.

Power surges either come from external sources or internal sources. An external source is something that occurs outside your home and is outside of your control. Common causes are lightning strikes near a power line, a car or other object damaging a utility pole, tree branches touching a power line, birds or other animals becoming too curious around power lines or transformers, or the electricity coming back on after a power outage.

Internal power surges are perhaps even more common, but thankfully homeowners can take steps to minimize these occurrences and protect against them. Appliances with high electrical usage such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners can cause a power surge when they turn on. Another common cause is loose connections in your home’s wiring or bad or corroded wires. Keeping your electrical system in good condition, having it regularly inspected, paying attention to the number of appliances you have on a single circuit, and investing in surge protection are all steps you can take to protect your possessions from the harmful effects of these surges.

What is the Purpose of Protection From Power Surges?

Little power surges happen every day in your home. Most of the time they are too small to cause any damage or even be noticeable. Slightly larger variances in the current may even cause a circuit breaker to trip, but this is often the biggest consequence. However, assuming that your house is safe from power surges just because you have never had a problem could be setting yourself up for an unpleasant surprise the next time a damaging power surge occurs.

Surge protectors are crucial because instead of allowing the electricity to fry your devices, they direct the electricity to the grounding wire instead. Power surges can cause instantaneous or long-term damage to electronics. These devices can immediately stop working after a power surge, or they can have a much shorter lifespan because of the constant overheating that power surges cause.

What Are the Different Types of Protection?

There are two basic types of surge protectors that you can purchase for your home. Point of use surge protectors, also called wall mount or strip protectors, are the type most people are familiar with. These are plugged directly into your outlets, allowing you to plug the devices that you want to protect into these power strips. You should always be careful to follow the advice of an “electrician near me” when choosing these types of surge protectors for your home. Many of the brands on the market are deceptive and don’t provide the protection that you need. Our team at Barnett Electrical Services knows which brands will actually protect your devices.

The second type of surge protector which is highly recommended by most electricians is the whole-home surge protector. These are installed into your electrical panel, and, as the name suggests, provide protection for your entire home from external power surges. It is important to have both kinds in your home to guard against both internal and external surges.

Do I Need Protection From Surges for My Home?

Even if you don’t have expensive devices that you value or a computer that is vital for your job, it is important to invest in surge protectors for your safety. Power surges have been known to cause fires inside homes that were not protected from them. There are other benefits to a whole house surge protector as well such as the possibility of a discount on your insurance policy. If your devices are not protected at all, or you are using power strips that have not been recommended by an electrician, you will want to consider investing in surge protectors.

What Can Be Damaged By Power Surges?

Any device that contains a microprocessor is in danger of being damaged by a power surge. You probably have many of these items in your home such as your television, desktop computer, laptop, printers, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more. While a large power surge will be obvious, smaller power surges may be causing unnoticeable damage that will cause these items to break down over time. If you have any of these things in your home, they are worth protecting with a surge protector.

Surge Protector Installation at Barnett Electrical Services

We want each of our Oklahoma City customers to have the best protection from power surges. We provide speedy surge protector installation so that your devices don’t have to stay exposed to power surges while you wait for a gap in our schedule. We have been in business for more than 35 years, and we are valued in the area for our affordable prices, military discounts, and reliable service. We believe that investing time, resources, and effort in keeping your electrical system safe and in good condition can save you money over time and protect your home from electrical fires. If you are in the Oklahoma City area and you are interested in protecting your home from power surges, call us today to find out more about our surge protector services.