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Our commercial electricians not only stay up to date on code regulations but are also licensed and experienced. Knowing the national and state requirements is not enough. The codes for each city are varied, and furthermore, change continuously. Not only must our electricians go through the necessary steps of journeyman and apprentice to become a commercial electrician, but they are also experienced with the latest technology, make load calculations for every circuit, and understand the steps of inspection approvals. Barnett Electrical knows the electrical standards by the National Electrical Code (NEC), which covers over 800 areas designed with personal and public safety in mind.

Electrical Services


From fixing media cables and ethernet lines to huge electrical systems, Barnett Electrical Services exists to make sure your place of business stays up and running.

New electrical construction

New Construction

Building new office space? Partner with us to ensure your wiring & electrical systems are in tip-top shape from the word go and remove all of your worries.

Electricians working on electrical panel


Making changes to your existing workspace? We’re here to lend a hand in the planning and installation of your project while keeping your space clean & safe.


Electricians working on electrical panel and wiring

Commercial Electrical Installation

The licensed electricians at Barnett Electrical can provide for all of your commercial electrical installation needs in Oklahoma City, OK. We’ll ensure that your new fixtures and electrical components are safe and up to code and that our installation delivers the results you need. Our expertise covers a wide range of installations and can help update and revitalize your business.

Commercial Lighting Installation

Our commercial electrical services include lighting design and installation for all of your company’s needs. We offer a wide range of styles that can help your business achieve the appearance and ambiance you’re looking for. Draw more customers in and improve their experience with new lighting.

You can also count on our commercial electrical repairs whenever you experience any lighting issues. We work with and install all types of fixtures and lighting, including light poles, LED lighting, security lighting, and more. Occupancy sensors can also help you save on energy costs by automating your lights’ on and off functions.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will help you choose the perfect fixtures for your unique needs. With a focus on style and functionality, you’ll be glad you trusted the professional commercial electricians at Barnett Electrical for your commercial lighting project.

Cameras and Security

Keeping your business protected is important, and Barnett Electrical can help with security camera installation. We can provide you with the correct type of camera and effective placement to deter thieves and vandals and keep a watchful eye over your business.

Backup Generators

A backup generator can let you keep running during outages and protect stock for businesses that make use of refrigeration. Our experienced team can find the perfect standby generator to meet your needs and install it for safe, efficient, and long-lasting operation.

Data Communications

Businesses of all kinds rely on the internet and internal network access to some degree, and Barnett Electrical can provide the wireless and hardwired access point installation you need to ensure that access. We can install new internet drop points throughout your business to deliver consistent and complete access.

Maintain & Repair

Upgrades and Updates Commercial Electrical Services

Businesses count on reliable commercial electrical services to keep their lights on and their doors open. Your building’s electrical system needs updates and upgrades to keep up with code changes in Oklahoma City, OK. You can count on the commercial electricians at Barnett Electrical to improve the safety and dependability of these vital services.

Service Upgrades

Your business relies on its electrical panel to power everything inside. However, as your business grows, you could find that your electrical service can’t keep up with the demand. As you continue to add new equipment and systems, that additional electricity use may eventually become too much.

Barnett Electrical can upgrade your electrical services to accommodate a higher current and ensure that all of your appliances and equipment can run safely. A new electrical panel can also provide more circuits than before, further improving the safety and functionality of your building’s electrical system.

A commercial panel upgrade might also be required to keep your business up to code. We can outfit your building with a new panel with the latest safety features, including AFCI breakers. Our commercial electrical services can ensure that your company has safe and reliable access to the electricity you need to operate.

Surge Protection

Your business likely has a variety of expensive electronics like computers or even more costly specialized equipment. Surges from the grid can cause significant damage to these types of equipment, and power-bar surge protectors might not be enough for the largest surges.

We can install surge protection at your electrical panel to protect your entire building’s electrical system from grid surges. This simple installation can save you from facing high costs for commercial electrical repairs and equipment replacement if a major surge should occur.

Fixing small problems before they become big ones

Electricity is something that workspaces all over the world take for granted. We hardly ever worry about it while things are working properly and there are no issues, but if problems arise things can get frustrating pretty quickly. Partner with us to make sure that when these issues do come up, you can rest assured that you have the best electricians available, working on your behalf to rectify the problem at hand.

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Check Out Some of Our Completed Commercial Projects

Barnett Electrical has been serving commercial customers in the OKC area for decades. At that time, we have built relationships with our customers that time and time again have given us chances to make them proud of our workmanship. We see every job we take as another opportunity to make a valued customer happy. If you are thinking about experiencing this relationship for yourself, check out some of our previous commercial work.

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