Electrical and HVAC Services in Oklahoma City

Electrical services in oklahoma city

Residential electric in okc

From Lighting Repairs, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Surge Protection, all the Way up to a Full System Replacement, Barnett Electrical Heating & Air is your source for any type of residential electrical service in Oklahoma City you may need.

Surge Protection in okc

Surge protection helps to safeguard the electrical appliances and devices from sudden voltage spikes that can be caused by lightning or power outages. Surge protection services in Oklahoma City not only provide safety from electrical surges but also extends the life of your devices, reducing the risk of costly repairs or replacements.

Electric Vehicle Charging in okc

Let our family of professionals take care of all your electric vehicle charging needs in Oklahoma City.

Commercial electric in okc

The licensed electricians at Barnett Electrical Heating & Air can provide for all of your commercial electrical installation needs in Oklahoma City, OK. We’ll ensure that your new fixtures and electrical components are safe and up to code and that our installation delivers the results you need.

Portable Generator Connect in okc

  • Barnett Electrical Heating & Air offers a valuable service for homeowners looking to ensure their peace of mind during power outages without the substantial costs and modifications associated with permanent standby generators. Our team specializes in installing Energy Connect and Mechanical Interlock systems, allowing customers to seamlessly connect their portable generators to their homes.
  • Safety First: One of the most significant advantages of our professionally installed generator inlet is safety. When it comes to electrical systems, safety is paramount. Our installations are performed by certified experts, ensuring that the connection is done correctly and safely, minimizing the risk of electrical accidents or damage to your home. This gives our customers peace of mind, knowing they can rely on a secure power source during emergencies.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Permanent standby generators can be prohibitively expensive and often require extensive modifications to your existing electrical and gas utility systems. Beyond the high upfront costs, they also come with annual maintenance and repair expenses that can quickly add up. In contrast, our Energy Connect and Mechanical Interlock systems provide an affordable alternative. They allow you to use a portable generator to energize essential appliances in your home when the power goes out.
  • Convenience and Essential Coverage: Our installations enable you to power critical appliances such as lighting, refrigerators, freezers, and gas appliances like furnaces. This means you can maintain essential comforts during an outage, ensuring your family’s safety and well-being without breaking the bank.

HVAC services in oklahoma city

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement in okc

As your old A/C system deteriorated with age, it had to work that much harder to cool the air inside your home. This means it was necessary for it to consume more energy to deliver the desired temperature. When you consider this and the significant difference in energy efficiency of current air conditioning systems in Oklahoma City and those manufactured only 15 or 20 years ago, it’s easy to see how switching to a new, state-of-the-art system will represent substantial savings on your energy bills.


Indoor Air Quality in okc

The best air quality solutions in Oklahoma City address the causes rather than symptoms, using a whole-house indoor air cleaning strategy. Your heating and cooling system moves over 1 million cubic feet of air everyday through your home. This is the perfect place to address indoor air quality challenges using products designed to specifically address the three types of airborne contaminants. A whole-house air cleaning system that cleans, disinfects, and de- odorizes your home 24 hours a day is much more effective than units designed for just a room or two.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance in okc

There are many telling signs that may suggest that the time is right to replace your heating system with a new one. The most obvious of these is when it completely fails and ceases to provide any heat in your home, or if it does not provide sufficient heat. There are other less obvious signs that may be telling you that the time is right. These reasons can include a recurring strange odor coming from the vents, the appearance of corrosion or rust on some of the systems and vital components, or a gradual increase in your energy costs that indicate your system is becoming less and less efficient. Today’s modern heating systems are up to 96% efficient. When you switch to one of these, you will probably notice a significant savings on your heating bills.

Thermostat Installation in okc

Upgrading your home’s thermostat can significantly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and save you money on your energy bills. At Barnett Electrical · Heating & Air, we offer a range of thermostat installation services to provide you with better control over your home’s temperature. Whether you choose a standard/basic thermostat that measures temperature where the unit is installed, a programmable thermostat that allows you to set customized controls for heating or cooling temperatures at specific times of the day or season, or a smart thermostat that learns your temperature preferences and offers convenient remote control via a smartphone app, we have the perfect option for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our thermostat installation services in Oklahoma City and start enjoying a more efficient and comfortable home.

Duct Cleaning in okc

When you think about it, the ducts in your home are not all that dissimilar to the circulatory system in your body. Your ductwork is designed to carry treated air to its destination just like the veins carry the much-needed blood to your organs. Did you know that the average American home loses as much as 35% of the energy used to heat or cool air through cracks and holes in their ducts? That means that 35% of the treated air that is sent to be circulated throughout the house does not reach its intended destination. And in some homes, the ductwork is constantly bleeding energy.The cracks and holes through which the conditioned air escapes are also areas through which dust and other airborne contaminants can enter the ductwork. Getting the ducts in your home completely sealed by one of our technicians can be a great way to improve the heating and cooling of your home while also reducing your energy consumption and lowering your utility costs. We generate a great deal of dust just through our regular daily activities. While the filters in your heating and A/C systems are meant to prevent most of that dust from entering into your ductwork, some of it will get through. Other pollutants, like pet dander or chemicals can also enter the ductwork. Help prevent the spread of this dust and mildew throughout your home by having your ducts cleaned in Oklahoma City professionally by Barnett Electrical Heating & Air regularly.