Addition of Electrical Systems at Your Company’s Facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Throughout a company’s lifetime, many changes occur – both in the nature of business and the development of technology – that require your business to be adaptable & ready to take these changes in stride. Barnett Electrical Services is at the top of the industry when it comes to making electrical additions of any kind to your workspace – whether that be new outlet locations for your conference room TV or a new light fixture in your lobby to brighten the first impression that your customers experience.


New outlets

Improve the convenience & ease of utilizing your necessary appliances in certain parts of your office.

image asset - Electrical Additions

Added light fixtures

Brighten up the room or add an attractive dimension to a section of your office that has needed it for some time.

image asset - Electrical Additions

Wireless internet access points

If your office’s internet connectivity is wireless, adding access points can increase the signal strength of your connection.