Commercial Solutions for Flickering Lights in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you have an older style of translucent bulbs, than it is likely that you need new ones, and in this case we recommend LED lighting. If you have LED bulbs already and they are flickering, then it is rarely an issue with the bulbs (as long as they are new). Flickering lights can often be traced back to a non-compatible dimmer switch. Before you make any decisions or changes, give us a call so we can work with you to have your flickering issue resolved as soon as possible.



Large current draws

The larger appliances create a bigger “pull” from your wiring when they cycle on.

Damaged wiring

Faulty connections

Flickering can happen when there is a bad connection somewhere in the circuit, even all the way back at the switch.

light bulbs

Dimmer switches

Most dimmers are made for high electrical loads, so low-voltage LEDs can often dim or flicker because of this.