Electrical Wiring in Oklahoma City, OK

There are some tasks that you can take care of at home without any kind of extra training. Refinishing a floor, for example, or replacing a faucet on a sink. When your home improvement or repair project requires working with electricity, though, you should always hire a professional.

Electrical wiring and rewiring can be dangerous even for the pros. If you don’t have the dedicated training and specialized equipment to perform these tasks safely, you could wind up in the hospital, or worse. It’s not worth the risk. When you need to repair or replace residential electrical wiring, it’s time to call in the pros.

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The Importance of Properly Installed Electrical Wiring in Oklahoma City, OK

Every modern family relies on electricity for everything from keeping the lights on at night to charging devices and powering major appliances, and each of those applications requires electrical wiring. When the wiring is in good condition, there’s no need to worry about whether you’ll have power for your devices or be able to operate appliances safely. If it’s not, though, you and your family could be at risk.

Improperly installed, frayed, damaged, or old electrical wiring can pose a serious fire risk. The potential for electrical fires, shocks and even electrocution is high enough that electricians must undergo years of training before they can provide electrical rewiring services, and it’s a large part of why you shouldn’t attempt DIY repairs or installations. 

Just knowing what electrical wiring colors signify doesn’t give you the knowledge required to rewire outlets, switches, fixtures, and appliances. You need the help of an expert electrician to keep your family safe.

Unfortunately, the risks of improperly installed wiring don’t end the day of the installation, and even if the wiring that powers outlets, switches, and fixtures that started out fine may lose integrity over time due to exposure to water, pests, and other issues. Hiring an electrician to ensure that residential electrical wiring gets installed correctly is one key to maintaining good electrical safety practices, but those practices need to continue in the years to come in the form of ongoing vigilance.

Signs You Need Electrical Rewiring

Not all of the signs it’s time to hire electrical rewiring services are obvious. If you notice smoke coming from an outlet or a fixture stops working completely, those signs are obvious. However, you should also keep an eye out for these more subtle signs it’s time for electrical rewiring:

  • Appliances or lights that turn on and off at random.
  • Loud buzzing sounds from fixtures or switches.
  • Sparks coming from outlets.
  • Old wiring that hasn’t been replaced in decades.

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Common of Electrical Rewiring Services

If your home has old electrical wiring, the best solution is to schedule an electrical inspection. We’ll probably need to replace all of it with modern wiring solutions. One way to tell that your wiring is out of date is to check the electrical wiring colors. Another is to take a look at the plugs. If they aren’t grounded, that’s a sure sign of trouble.

Thankfully, not all rewiring projects require fixing up the whole home. We’re just as happy to work on small-scale projects like those described below. We know that there’s no such thing as a minor electrical repair. Even the smallest mistake can wind up creating serious risks for your family, so we take all wiring installations very seriously.

Electrical Outlet Wiring

If your home’s wiring is relatively new but one or more outlets have stopped working or come loose, we can rewire the outlets to restore function. Electrical plug wiring is also a must when you want to add new outlets so that you can safely run more appliances, charge extra devices, or install floor and desk lamps.

Electrical Switch Wiring

Electrical switch wiring is a must any time you want to add a new fixture such as a light, ceiling fan, or garbage disposal. In these cases, the appliances are hardwired in. If you need to be able to move things like floor lamps and desk fans throughout the home, electrical outlet wiring and portable devices are a better bet.

Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm Wiring

Your home’s fire alarms are all designed to operate on battery power if they have to since the electricity may well go out during a fire. However, they’re also hardwired into the property’s electrical system. Smoke detector and fire alarm wiring is a little more complicated than something like electrical plug wiring because these devices all need to be able to communicate to keep your family safe. Our team of expert electricians has plenty of experience in this specialized area.

Electrical Panel Wiring

Your home’s electrical panel is small, but it is arguably the most essential part of the entire system. It routes 100% of the electricity derived from your municipal power grid throughout the home’s many circuits so that it can safely power all of your appliances, devices, and fixtures. Making sure your electrical panel wiring is safe and up to code is one of the most important maintenance tasks there is, so don’t be afraid to schedule a panel inspection if you’re not sure about the state of your breaker box.

Expert Electrical Wiring in Oklahoma City, OK

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