Light Switch Repair And Installation in Oklahoma City, OK

All it takes to turn a dark space into a brightly lighted one is the flip of a light switch. Even though electricity has only been present in most homes for a few generations, we tend to take it for granted. You may not appreciate how much we rely on electric lights until you flip a switch and nothing happens. Electric lighting has made us safer and enables us to perform tasks more efficiently at any time of day or night.

Each day there are many Americans that use electric lights for various purposes. Thanks to continuing advancements in technology, electrical lights are easier and safer to use now. With the expertise of a professional electrician, homeowners can simply update their home to the latest technologies or have faulty in-house devices fixed.

Light Switch Repair and Installation

When you find yourself in need of a light switch installation or a repair, your local skilled electrician is just a quick call or click away. They can update you on all the different models of light switches available and assist you in choosing the one that best fits your needs. There are many different types of switches available today, including push-button, dimmer, toggle, motion-activated, sound-activated, photo-electric, smart switches, and selectors.

A light switch can reflect one’s personal preferences and have it complement the style of the room. There are some who go for the cheapest choice and there are others who choose the latest. Whichever you go for, the electrician will be able to perform its repair and installation.

Toggle Switches

This is the basic and standard type of switch for houses today. These switches have a toggle switch that you flip up or down to turn lights on and off. The toggle might even have the words “on” and “off” written on it to let you know which way performs which action. Because this is the least expensive type of switch, electricians always have them on hand, most often in white or cream, though other colors may be available.

Push-Button Switches

This type of switch is the second-most popular, is not pricey and a lot of electricians keep it on hand. To turn off or turn on the light, a user needs to push the bottom or top of the switch. Some switches will remain recessed after pushing, and other models might bounce back up.

There are a lot of homes that have push-button switches in their bathrooms. These come in many colors to choose from and are quite easy to install.

Dimmer Switches

Such switches can prove to be very useful for different reasons. When full brightness of lights are not needed then a dimmer switch can set it to the needed brightness. Dimmer switches are available in slide switch and round knob models and they are simple for an electrician to install.

In certain types of dimmer or bulbs, there is limited capacity for the dimming function. That is why before buying one, you need to inquire about the spectrum of brightness that dimmers can provide.

Motion-Activated Switches

Garages and porches are the types of areas that most benefit from motion-activated switches. Even rooms with switches far from the door will benefit from the technology that is triggered by motion. A sensor on these switches is used for the detection of someone who enters the room.

In some cases, if there’s not much movement by someone, the automatic light will switch off even with the person in the room. Some homeowners may wish to have more control over their lights, but in some areas of the home it may be practical.

Sound-Activated Switches

Sound-activated switches like the “clapper” offer great advantages to the handicapped and mobility-challenged. A person who has trouble getting up and moving around can turn a light on or off by making a noise, like clapping. These are fairly easy to install with the help of an electrician and can be installed anywhere in your home.

Selector Switches

Selector switches come with different settings that allow the various functions of a light to be controlled. The user must toggle the switch from one setting to the next, usually around the shape of a circle.

A selector might have just a couple of choices, or it could have several. This type of switch can be found in lights that allow the homeowner to change the color. You won’t see these selector switches as often in homes as in commercial lighting situations, but they can be appropriate for some hobbies and activities.

Photo-Electric Switches

Some lights have photo-electric switches that will activate them when the sun sets or the light detects darkness. These are most often found on front porches and lamp posts. While they’re not exactly practical for every room in your home, these can be installed fairly easily by a professional electrician.

Smart Switches

The latest switch technology, smart switches, have a range of capabilities, all of which are controlled by your phone app or a smart-home, voice-activated speaker. Such kind of switches can be connected with other electric devices that the home already has. Others may work optimally along with smart devices and smart lights.

Smart lights have settings for different colors and levels of brightness. A user can set a room to have full brightness at a certain time of the day. An electrician can install smart lights and smart switches anywhere in your home, and they can be set up using a smartphone app.