Emergency Electrical Services in Oklahoma City, OK

It’s been estimated that electrical issues cause one-third of structure fires in the United States. These hazards are not to be taken lightly and understanding when situations require emergency help is a crucial first step. The team at Barnett Electrical is ready to help, no matter when problems arise.

Hiring a licensed electrician reduces the risk of electrical fire and shock while ensuring that the job is done in accordance with local and state codes. Contact our team to learn how we can resolve your electrical problems quickly, easily, and safely. Reach us by phone at (405) 794-9800 or schedule an appointment online.

When Do Electrical Emergencies Occur?

To an inexperienced homeowner, it may be tough to tell the difference between a minor issue and an electrical emergency. If you’re dealing with any of the following problems, contact us for a prompt diagnosis.

  • Strange burning smells. Does it seem as if the burning smell comes and goes, or do your smoke detectors go off randomly? Check ducts, outlets, appliances, and breakers to find the source, and call us if you smell burning plastic.
  • Humming or buzzing sounds in the breaker box. Because these boxes run electrical current, a low humming sound is normal. However, if it’s getting loud, the box may be overloaded. 
  • Tripping breakers. Circuit breakers typically trip due to overloads, failures, short circuits, and ground faults.
  • Flickering lights. If your lights are flickering consistently, there may be a problem related to excess voltage, loose wiring, or an overloaded circuit.
  • Electrical shock. There are several situations that may lead to shock, including old and outdated outlets, broken receptacles, faulty appliances, and the use of water near electricity.
  • Smoking outlets. It’s common for dust and dirt to build up inside electrical outlets, and current can easily transfer to that debris. When this occurs, it creates an arc, which may lead to a fire. Wiring issues, loose connections, and overloading can also cause outlets to smolder.
  • Power loss. While it’s normal to experience power outages during storms or utility downtime, repeated losses may indicate a problem that needs prompt diagnosis and treatment.
  • A wet panel. We all know that water and electricity don’t mix. Water sometimes gets into breaker boxes through broken seals and old cables, and it can create a fire and shock hazard if it’s left unaddressed.
  • Fire. If there’s an active fire, call emergency services right away. Once the threat has been eliminated, call an emergency electrician.

No matter what’s causing the problem, it’s important to seek fast, effective solutions during an electrical emergency. Count on the team at Barnett Electric to provide the reliable, cost-efficient emergency electrical services you need. Click to get in touch with us or call (405) 794-9800 to schedule service.

The Cost of Emergency Electrical Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Many people are reluctant to call emergency electricians because of the perceived high cost, but we’re here to help by providing high-quality service at honest and fair prices. Several factors go into the cost of emergency electrical service in Oklahoma City, OK, including:

  • Your location. The further the electrician must travel, the more the service will cost.
  • Time. It’s a precious commodity, and that’s why it’s best to find an electrician that charges a flat rate for emergency electrical repair. Consider joining our maintenance program for priority service and other benefits.
  • Certifications and expertise. Our team members’ experience is a major factor in the prices our customers pay for 24 hour emergency electrical repair—whether they’re journeymen, apprentices, or master electricians. Certifications for some services also affect pricing.
  • Required components. Replacement parts are another factor, and they’re also a big reason why our maintenance program is so popular. Depending on what’s needed, it may be easier to anticipate the cost of 24 hour emergency electrical service. For instance, the electrical replacement of one outlet is much less expensive than rewiring an entire home.

At Barnett Electric, we’re always looking for ways to keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of service for which we are known. Learn more about our company online or call (405) 794-9800 to request emergency electrical services.

Are DIY Emergency Repairs Safe?

In some instances, a handy homeowner can do his or her own minor repairs—but that’s not the case here. When an electrical emergency happens, the chances of fire, shock, and injury greatly increase. You can reduce the risk, however, by hiring licensed electricians for all emergency electrical repairs, no matter how small.

Why Our Customers Rely on Us for Emergency Electrical Services in Oklahoma City, OK

To resolve electrical issues reliably and safely, it’s best to bring in electricians who are trained to handle them. Our team members have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to tackle even the toughest jobs. Here are a few other reasons why our customers call on us when they need express electrical services.

  • Safety. Hiring electricians will keep your property and family safe now and in the future.
  • Experience. If you’ve never done electrical installation work before, it’s a good idea to hire a person who has. Our electricians’ experience helps them diagnose and resolve issues quickly and safely.
  • Licensing. Ensuring that your chosen electrician is qualified means verifying that they are licensed to do electrical replacement jobs in accordance with local, state, and national guidelines.
  • Workmanship. When you hire pros for emergency electrical repairs, you can be more confident in the results you receive. With Barnett Electric, you’ll always get an ironclad satisfaction guarantee.
  • Punctuality. Our emergency electricians always arrive when they say they will. We know your time is valuable!
  • Greater peace of mind. Hiring our team for express electrical services means that you are bringing the absolute best people into your home. With our rigorous training and industry-topping guarantee, you’ll have the reassurance you deserve.
  • Open communication. We give every emergency electrical repair client the chance to connect with our team members online and in person. When area homeowners work with our company, they get live updates, videos and pictures of the work being done, and open communication always.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons Oklahoma City’s property owners count on us for 24 hour emergency electrical repair. Call now for more information or click here to schedule emergency electrical services.

Need After-Hours Help With an Electrical Issue? Call Us for 24-Hour Emergency Electrical Service

Regardless of how well an electrical system is maintained, problems can arise unexpectedly. When it happens, you’ll need an emergency electrician who arrives promptly, assesses the situation thoroughly, and works efficiently. 

At Barnett Electric, we’ll do all that and much more, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Use our online form or call (405) 794-9800 to schedule electrical installation or emergency electrical service in Oklahoma City, OK.