Oklahoma City AC Repair

OklahomaOklahoma City AC Repair Services City gets hot in the summer. While you may enjoy the sunshine and warmer months, that does not mean you will want to roast while inside your home. If your air conditioner is not doing its job, you may find your home intolerable. When your air conditioner breaks, you will need to find a technician who can help you right away.

Signs that Something is Wrong with your Air Conditioner

The most obvious sign that your air conditioner is not working is that your house is not staying cool. However, there are other possible reasons that you might become concerned about your system. If your air conditioner is making strange sounds, it might be time to call a professional. While a certain noise level is typical for an AC unit, clicks, rattling, and hissing sounds may indicate that a piece is loose or that the AC unit is leaking.

Another indication you might notice is that the system smells strange. A strange odor could indicate that the filters are no longer working well or that something is wrong in your ducts. You may also find that your air conditioner thermostat states that the temperature is one thing but that the real feel in your home is far warmer. In those cases, the thermostat could be the problem.

Many various potential issues may impact your AC unit. A technician can determine what is wrong and recommend the best way to complete repairs.

Problems with the Fan

Your air conditioner works by removing hot air from inside your home. When the system collects the hot air, it must expel that heat outside. If the fan used to blow the hot air outside is not functioning correctly, the system cannot transfer the warm air out. This problem may lead to the system overheating.

Issues with the Wiring

Air conditioners need proper wiring. If you do not know who installed the system or a non-professional installed the unit, the wires might not be correct. Problems with the wiring may lead to the system not getting the electrical power to do its job. Not only will bad wiring potentially cause the system to stop functioning, but it can also lead to a fire.

Lack of Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioner running requires proper maintenance. The unit can suffer from some wear and tear. Getting your AC checked each year can identify flaws before they turn into bigger problems. For instance, if one part of your air conditioner is not functioning properly, it may cause other parts to work overtime. The result can be that the system experiences more significant damage that may completely stop it from working. Identifying a minor problem that needs repair can save the rest of the unit.

Frozen Air Conditioner

Sometimes air conditioner units freeze. Several problems can cause this to occur. A straightforward issue is that your air conditioner does not have enough refrigerant. However, dirty filters and problems with the air conditioner’s fan can also cause your air conditioner to freeze. If your filter is dirty, it might not allow proper airflow. Cleaning or replacing the filter can remedy the situation. If the fan is the problem, it might not be pulling the air from inside the unit, which could cause the inside to freeze.

Problems with the Sensor

Air conditioners have sensors that measure the temperature of the air flowing into the evaporator coils. Sometimes the sensor will not be in the correct position, and in those situations, they will not be properly reading the temperature. This issue can lead to the air conditioner overworking. A technician can adjust the thermostat sensor to ensure that it is getting proper readings.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are problems for your unit and the environment. If your system loses refrigerant, it will not function properly. A technician can replace the refrigerant and repair the cause of the leak to prevent the system from continuing to leak. Air conditioners should function with a certain amount of refrigerant, and when the system does not have the correct amount, it may not perform its job.

If your Oklahoma City home is too hot, or you believe something is wrong with your AC unit, call the professional technicians at Barnett Electrical.