Oklahoma City AC Tune-Ups and Maintenance

CombattingOklahoma City AC Tune-Ups and Maintenance the hot Oklahoma City summers means having a good air conditioning system. You likely rely on your AC unit to keep you and your family comfortable on hot days, but you might not always think about what it takes to keep the unit running smoothly.

Ideally, you should have a technician check the system every year. Even if you take the time to ensure that you provide regular care for your system, you may find that you need a technician to perform certain repairs or ensure that your system is effectively doing its job.

Below are six common indications that something might be wrong with your air conditioner.

Higher Electric Bills

If your utility bills suddenly begin to cost you far more than they did just recently, you may have a problem with your air conditioner. It could be that your system is not working correctly and is therefore losing energy far more quickly than it would if everything were functioning as it should. When you neglect to have a technician perform regular maintenance on the unit, dust and other debris may cause blockages that could make the system work harder. When this happens, that increased effort on the part of the machine will translate into higher bills.

You Hear Strange Sounds

If the system is making odd noises, you might need to find a technician who can check to see if something is not working correctly. Of course, air conditioners do make noise and can sometimes be loud. However, hissing, buzzing, whistling, rattling, and bangs might indicate a problem. The issue might be that something is blocking the airflow, or the motor might be struggling. Loose components may also lead to rattling sounds. Any of these issues indicate a need for maintenance work. Addressing the problem as soon as possible may help avoid more significant problems in the future.

The System Smells Bad

If your Air conditioner is giving off an unpleasant odor, you should contact a technician for maintenance work. The problem might be a sign of dirty or wet filters, clogs, or even mold. Proper maintenance will eliminate the problem and keep your system in good working order.

The System is Not Cooling

If your air conditioner is not keeping you cool, it might be because you need a tune-up. Cleaning the coils and replacing the filter can help improve the system’s efficiency. Also, your system might lack refrigerant, in which case you will need to have a technician ensure that there are no leaks and perform any necessary repairs.

Your Home is Humid

If you notice a great deal of condensation on your windows and humidity in the air, then your AC is not controlling the moisture in your home. Controlling humidity is one of the key functions of your AC unit. Your system may have a problem with its evaporator coil that is not allowing the system to get as cold as it needs to be to remove moisture from the air. Hiring a technician to perform a tune-up can fix the problem and keep your system working and your home comfortable.

The Air Flow is Weak

If the airflow through your ducts is weak, something could be clogging them, or the duct itself could have a leak. The result can be inconsistent temperatures. Your AC will also have to work overtime to reach the temperature you set, which can mean hikes in your energy costs. Cleaning your ducts is essential not just to improve airflow and reduce strain on your AC but also to keep you and your family healthy by eliminating allergens and dust that the system might be pushing into the air.

If you notice problems with your AC unit, you should contact a professional. Even if you do not notice any alarming signs that something is wrong, you should have someone check your air conditioner each year. Regular upkeep can help keep your AC unit working better and ensure that it lasts longer. To learn more about Oklahoma AC tune-ups and maintenance, call Barnett Electrical.