Emergency Furnace Repairs in Oklahoma City, OK

When winter weather arrives unexpectedly and causes problems with your heater, every moment counts. It’s best to take every precaution you can before you get to the point of needing emergency repairs. Still, when you do need repairs, you want them done quickly and efficiently so your home stays comfortable for your family. 

Oftentimes, you’re so concerned about how well your AC is working that problems with your heat pump fall by the wayside. By the time you need emergency furnace repair, it’s not only frustrating, but it could also be a potential health hazard. 

Whatever time of year you’re having trouble, you need a reliable company you can trust to take care of your furnace when things start to take a turn for the worse. Barnett Electrical offers 24-hour emergency heating repair to get your home feeling warm again when you need it most.

When to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair

Sometimes, problems aren’t as obvious as turning on your furnace and having no heat come out. The goal is to avoid getting to that point in the first place, so it’s essential to know when your furnace is acting up and it’s time to call us.

Experiencing Any Loud Noises?

Any unexpected or excessive banging, rattling, or hissing noises are grounds for calling our technicians for 24-hour emergency heating repair. 

Sometimes sounds can be caused by broken motors or belts, which must be handled by a Barnett Electrical heating technician to be fixed properly. Make sure to turn off your furnace until a professional arrives for an examination.

Is Cold Air Coming Out?

“That’s supposed to be the furnace, not the AC!” If you’re saying that sort of thing, you likely need HVAC emergency repair. If it’s cold outside and your home can only pump cold air, you should exercise caution and call us to prevent your family from having to suffer through a chill. 

Is There a Gas Smell?

If you smell any gas coming from the furnace, turn it off immediately and contact Barnett Electrical for HVAC emergency repair. The smelly gas could contain carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous. Leave your home immediately and find another place to stay until a technician has fixed the problem.

How Bad Is the Weather?

Homeowners should consider the weather when figuring out if they need emergency HVAC repair. If your furnace were to stop working or blow out cold air in the dead of winter, it could be dangerous for you and your home. 

But suppose the furnace isn’t working correctly during a period of warmer weather? In that case, you can generally wait a few days before getting in touch with one of our technicians to schedule a repair.

Avoiding Emergency Furnace Repairs

The best way to deal with an HVAC emergency repair is to try to prevent one from arising at all. 

Our Oklahoma City, OK, customers who get their furnaces serviced regularly find themselves needing HVAC emergency repair less often. Regular service also means better indoor air quality and a longer lifespan for your heater, which can save you money on repairs and utilities.

Getting your furnace evaluated regularly is essential. It’s also helpful to know when to do it. It’s ideal to have your furnace checked once a year, and you should aim to have it done when the weather is still warm. This way, you can prevent the possibility of your furnace breaking down at the worst possible moment. 

Barnett Electrical has the qualifications to inspect your HVAC and keep it working at its best all year long.

Emergency HVAC Repair for Oklahoma City, OK

You can always put your trust in Barnett Electrical to keep your home safe and warm, no matter the time of year. We know how irritating it can be if you’re without heat during cold weather. 

We can help with anything from 24-hour emergency heating repairs to your yearly HVAC maintenance. 

If you require emergency furnace repair, Call Barnett Electrical today to help.