Electricians in Bethany, OK

For moreBethany Electricians than 35 years, Barnett Electrical Services has been ensuring that homes and businesses in the Bethany area receive the best electrical repairs and installations. This means prioritizing customer service, hiring the best electricians, and keeping our prices low and our quality high. We offer comprehensive services for both residential and commercial properties, and we are committed to on-time service with minimal disruption. Here are just a few of the services we offer in the Bethany area.

Residential Electrical Services

Your home is a place where you can enjoy your family, prepare meals, laugh together, and savor time away from the rest of the world. It needs to be safe, healthy, and comfortable. Quality electrical services are an important part of this process since electricity can be dangerous if it doesn’t receive the proper care and maintenance. We take care of everything from lighting repair to home wiring upgrades and installation, and we do so with meticulous care and caution.

Electrical Upgrades and Installations

For many homes, while the world around them has changed, their electrical systems have stayed the same. However, taking simple steps to upgrade your home’s electrical system can go a long way in improving the safety of your home while also making it more comfortable to live in. Our safety upgrades include smart doorbell systems, security cameras for your home, and GFCI installation. We also have power roof vent services to help you control the climate of your attic, instant hot water systems, and home automation that will give you 5-star luxuries in your own home with minimal effort.

Electrical Panel Services

One of the most important upgrades that you may consider for your home is an electrical panel upgrade. If you are planning to purchase a large appliance such as a hot tub, or you want to add on to your home in the next ten years, you can plan ahead by increasing the amount of power your panel can handle. We also perform diagnostic services and repair electrical panels in the Bethany area.

Lighting Installation and Repair

The right lighting can make your home beautiful and comfortable both inside and out. New energy-efficient lighting fixtures in your home can help you save money and boost the appearance of your rooms, and our landscaping lighting services can make your yard a lovely outdoor escape.

Whole-Home Surge Protection

While many homeowners use power strips that also provide surge protection, some people are unaware that there are even more options for protecting your whole home from power surges. Whole-home surge protection is installed directly into your electrical system, protecting from surges caused by large appliances, lighting strikes, and more. Our surge protection services are a great way to layer on protection so that you have multiple levels of protection.

Electrical Outlets

There are many reasons to consider upgrading your current outlets or installing additional outlets. Many homeowners are tired of using adapters to charge their USB devices, or they want to be able to control their appliances from their phone or with their voice through smart outlets. You can do all of these things and much more through our outlet installation services, and you can also turn to us for outlet repair when you have problems with your outlets.

Commercial Services

When owning a successful business, you must always maintain a delicate balance between investing in quality services and products for your building while also saving money so that you can concentrate on delivering the best to your customers. We can help with this by offering the best commercial electrical services in Bethany at a reasonable price. We also offer services such as our occupancy sensors installation that help you to save money during everyday operation. Here are some of our commercial services.

Camera Installation

Many businesses today are installing security cameras to keep wrongdoers away and to help law enforcement find any perpetrators when a crime has been committed. You can have access to the best in the surveillance industry by having Barnett Electrical provide expert security camera services for your Bethany business.

Sign Hook Ups

A striking sign that is visible from the street day and night is an invaluable asset to your company. It is also important that you can rely on your sign to continue working without frequent repairs. Our sign hook-up service is a good way to make sure you achieve an attractive external to your building while also ensuring longevity.

Generators and Power Loss

Without electrical power, most businesses are unable to complete their most basic functions. Whether you own a retail company, a warehouse, or something in between, having a generator is extremely important if you want protection during an emergency. Our power loss assistance services are here for businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Lighting Services

Finding the right lighting for your property means considering the energy-efficiency of the lighting you choose as well as the lighting that will be most comfortable for your employee’s eyes and the most inviting for your customers. We know how to achieve all of these goals. We can also help create a safe environment outside your building with our light pole repair services. Allow our team to help you with the lighting both inside and outside your commercial property.

Lighting Control

Many companies are overusing the lighting inside their building without even knowing it. There are many times throughout the day when having the lights on is not necessary because the room is unoccupied or it is already well-lit using natural light. To solve this problem, we offer a lighting control service to our Bethany customers. Lighting control is anything from motion sensor lighting to automatic dimmers. For occupancy sensors replacement, or lighting control installation, contact our team at Barnett Electrical Services.

We are excited to serve the Bethany community with our electrical expertise and customer-oriented service. No repair or installation is beyond our capabilities, and we take on each job with the aim of improving the lives of our customers. Contact us today for a high standard of care and quality services.