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There’s no escaping Oklahoma’s year-round heat. There are ways, though, that you can make your home more comfortable. A well-maintained HVAC system ensures that you have an oasis to return to at the end of a long day.

If you notice that something’s amiss with your HVAC system, don’t wait for the heat in your home to get unbearable. Let our professionals give you a hand. Barnett Electrical Services has served Edmond, OK, for years, and we’re ready to get your HVAC system running again.

Available Services

If you need to schedule an HVAC tune-up, our team has the tools to help. Services available to Edmond, OK residents include:

AC Repair

Your air conditioner will let you know if it’s not working as it should. You’ll start to feel Oklahoma’s heat creep into your home as soon as the system begins to fail. 

Here are some symptoms of damage that you may want to keep an eye out for:

  • Unusual noises while the air conditioner is running
  • Strange smells throughout your home
  • An inaccurate thermostat
  • A running fan that isn’t actively cooling your home

It’s also possible for your air conditioner to freeze up. Even during the heat of summer, low refrigerant levels or a dirty air conditioner fan can cause your unit’s inner mechanisms to freeze up.

No matter what’s gone wrong inside of your HVAC unit, our experts can diagnose your air conditioner’s damage. After a comprehensive inspection, we will provide you with a quote detailing what air conditioning repair services will suit your system best.

Wire Damage

Over time, your air conditioner’s wiring may start to fray. Invading pests can eat away at their protective coating, and leaks can cause them to short out. Our team of experienced professionals can inspect your wiring if your unit shorts out, and we can replace any wires that have taken on damage over the years.

Filter Replacement and Fan Repair

Your air conditioner relies on its fan and filter to catch debris that might otherwise circulate through your home. If your filter ends up too dirty or your fan ends up damaged, the air you send through your home may put your family’s health at risk. A unit without a functioning fan may also be prone to overheating, too, meaning that it may shut down when you need it most.

Sensor Repair

Your air conditioner needs sensors in place near its coils to operate as it should. If these sensors slip out of place, then your air conditioner may work harder than it should to cool down your home. Not only will this put your air conditioner at additional risk for damage, but it will cause your energy bill to spike.

Area professionals can deal with sensor damage quickly and efficiently. Once your air conditioner is sensing the external temperature of your home effectively, then you can trust it to work as it should—without blowing your budget.

Repairing Refrigerant Leaks

An HVAC system suffering from refrigerant failure doesn’t have the tools it needs to keep your home cool. Not only will your home start to warm up in Oklahoma’s heat, but you’ll also have to contend with the fallout from a leak.

If you notice strange material pooling around your air conditioner or general air conditioner failure, get in touch with a member of our team. We can send an expert to your home to inspect your HVAC system, and they’ll let you know whether or not you have a refrigerant leak on your hands. If you do, you can trust our experts to repair your HVAC system and restore your home to a bearable temperature.

Scheduling Regular AC Maintenance

Our team of professionals can make their way out to your home even if your HVAC system appears to be functioning normally. A regular AC tune-up conducted by our experts can keep your air conditioner working all year round. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to schedule an annual HVAC system inspection — you’ll appreciate your foresight next summer!

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Don’t let the heat get the best of you this year. If you think something is wrong with your HVAC system, contact a member of our team. Barnett Electrical has served Edmond, OK, for a long time. We’ll make sure that your HVAC system gets the care that it deserves.