Electricians in Edmond, OK

Modern homes use electricity for nearly every task. It is necessary, but without the right company to take care of it, it can become a hazard for your family. Unless you are an electrician, you should never attempt an electrical installation or repair on your own. Instead, call our team at Barnett Electrical Services, and we will make sure that every part of your electrical system, from your switches to your wiring, is functioning safely.

We love to serve both homes and businesses in the Edmond area. Our residential and commercial services exist to help your business to succeed and to help your home to be safe and comfortable throughout the whole year.

Residential Services

Your home should always feel safe and secure. At Barnett Electrical  Services we are dedicated to making your home a wonderful place to live. Here are just a few of our residential services.

Lighting Services

As part of our residential services in Edmond, we provide lighting repair for both inside and outside the home. Our professional services ensure that your home’s lighting fits your needs both for style and function. If you need to update your light fixtures or switches, we can work with you to find the perfect lighting solution. Our landscaping lighting services are designed to make sure your yard is easy to navigate, even at night. We love to accent the beauty of your flower gardens or walking paths by designing and installing creative lighting systems.


If you have not had your outlets upgraded since you moved into the home, it may be time to upgrade our outlets or to install more. We can install additional outlets or we can even change your existing outlets to child-proof outlets. We have outlet installation services for every type of outlet including USB outlets, GFCI outlets, smart outlets, and more.

Electrical Panels

Many people don’t think about their electrical panel until the day that it begins to have problems,. However, your electrical panel is extremely important and should be serviced regularly. Every panel, whether it is a circuit breaker or a fuse box, has electrical limitations and they all have a limited lifespan. Regular Maintenance can make your panel achieve its full lifespan. If your home is going through any big changes such as an add-on or a new appliance, you may have to save up some money to upgrade your panel as well to accommodate these changes. Our panel upgrade services ensure that you have the right panel for your electrical usage.

Power Roof Vents

The attic in your home can become a trap for moisture and heat during the summer months. It is a good idea, both for your utility bills and the health of your family, to invest in power-assisted roof vents. Our power roof vent services make it easy for you to keep your attics cold and dry even when the temperature and humidity levels increase.

Security Cameras

Keeping your home, family, and possessions safe is a priority for us. One of the best ways to deter criminal activity on your property is to install security cameras. With our competitive and progressive security camera services, you can monitor the entire circumference of your home both while you are inside your property and when you are away.

Commercial Services

As a family-owned business, we know the value of businesses in the Edmond area. We are dedicated to helping locally owned businesses thrive and grow in our blossoming Edmond economy. We can provide comprehensive commercial electrical services, and here are just a few of the commercial tasks we perform.

Light Poles

The light poles around your building are what keep your customers safe going in and out of your building. When one of your light poles stops working, you need an electrical company that will be there fast to assist. At Barnett Electrical Services, we pride ourselves on our fast light pole repair services.

Lighting Control

Many businesses today are conscious of electrical usage both as a way of saving money and to reduce their footprint. Our lighting control service for commercial properties makes it easy to properly use natural light to brighten the inside of your building. On days when the sun is shining, the lighting inside will automatically dim, saving you hours of unnecessary lighting.

Occupancy Sensors

In addition to lighting control, you may want to invest in occupancy sensors installation to help cut costs in your business. These devices sense when someone enters or exits a room and will turn on or off as needed throughout the day. We also have occupancy sensors replacement for businesses that need an upgrade.

Power Loss

When the power goes out, you still need to be able to take payments, make phone calls, and access your computers. Protecting your business with power loss assistance and generators is essential. If you are not already prepared for a power outage at your business, give us a call and we can help.

Commercial Signs

The sign on the outside of your business can either attract customers or keep them at bay. You can make a wonderful first impression by taking advantage of our sign hook up services. Once you choose a sign that looks beautiful during the day and at night, call us and we will quickly arrive at your business to complete the installation.

Surge Protection

Many businesses contain equipment and devices that are crucial for keeping their company up and running. Power surges can permanently damage many of these devices so it is important to have a plan in place for preventing this damage. Surge protection services can provide this necessary protection.

We are proud to be the most trusted electrical for both commercial and residential properties in the Edmond area. We seek to live up to our good reputation by continually providing the excellent services that our customers deserve. Our electrical repairs and installations are always reliable, and we always arrive on time to complete our work. We value our customers, and we are excited to help you with your home or business.