Electricians in Moore, OK

EveryMoore Electricians day we enjoy the benefits of our electrical system. We can take for granted the convenience of flipping on a switch and enjoying instant light, or of being able to enjoy our favorite movies and music courtesy of our wifi and electronic devices. When something goes wrong with our electrical system, it can be a sharp reminder of how much we rely on electricity for both our work and our recreation. At Barnett Electrical, we understand the value of this important commodity, and we work every day to make it safe and available for our valuable Moore customers.

Residential Electrical Services

Every home should be a safe haven where learning and growing take place. An important part of keeping the home safe, however, is ensuring that the electrical system is up to code. We provide essential residential electrical services with the goal of eliminating faulty wiring, insufficient electrical panels, unsafe lighting, and more. From lighting repair to home rewiring, we offer every service imaginable with a goal of excellence in everything we do.

Electrical Upgrades

Anyone who has ever loved an old home knows that they can sometimes have both charming and frustrating qualities. While it is a great idea to preserve the quaint layout and beautiful architecture of a historic home, your home’s electrical system should never be stuck in the past. You can bring modern convenience to your home by installing more outlets, replacing old aluminum or knob and tube wiring, upgrading your old fuse box, and adding energy-efficient lighting and appliances. You can even take advantage of our power roof vent services to help keep moisture out of your attic and protect your family from the harmful effects of mold.

Electrical Panels

A panel upgrade is a great way to modernize your home and make it more convenient. Older homes typically only have panels with 60 amps, but modern homes need anywhere from 100 to 400 amps to be able to safely run all of their devices. If your old panel is struggling to keep up with your electrical usage, consider an upgrade with Barnett Electrical.


Today you have many more choices when it comes to outlet installation in your home. At Barnett Electrical, we install outlets that are designed for electrical safety such as child-proof outlets, GFCI outlets, and AFCI outlets. We also install outlets that make it easier and more convenient to access your electricity such as rotating outlets, smart outlets, USB outlets, and more. If your outlets are not working for you, call us to find out how we can improve your home.

Lighting Services

The lighting both inside and outside your house needs special care because of how much it can affect the ambiance of your home, the comfort of residents, and how much you pay on your energy bill. We provide repair services for residential properties as well as landscaping lighting services.

Surge Protection

Many of the devices in your home are extremely sensitive to power surges. While relatively infrequent, power surges due to lightning strikes or a tree falling onto a power line can be strong enough to damage your devices. We offer surge protection services to ensure that your electronics are protected.

Remodels and New Construction

Building a new home or remodeling an old room can be an extremely exciting time. It is important to make sure the job is done right the first time so that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience and potentially dangerous impact of faulty wiring. We love to help customers in the Moore area design and execute remodels and new home electrical systems.

Commercial Electrical Services

As a family-owned business, we have a passion for providing excellent electrical services for other businesses in Moore. We can help you with everything from basic electrical repairs and installations to energy-saving services such as occupancy sensors installation. Here are a few of our commercial services available in the area.

Security Cameras

One of the most convenient and effective ways to protect your property is to install security cameras. Today’s cameras are a far cry from the grainy images that you are familiar with seeing on crime dramas. Modern technology has made crystal clear surveillance accessible to every business owner. Take advantage of our security camera services today.

Generator Services

Power outages shouldn’t result in an end to your company’s productivity. Our power loss assistance services mean that your day will be able to proceed as normal even when the power around you has gone out. We install, repair, and maintain generators in the Moore area and we can help businesses choose the right model for their unique needs.

Commercial Lighting

Anyone who has ever gotten a headache from spending 8 hours in a room with fluorescent lighting knows the importance of quality commercial lighting. Whether you need to light a large warehouse or a small office building, our lighting services will enable you to create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and safe for employees and customers alike. You can also make your parking lot safer by utilizing our light pole repair and installation services.

Sign Hook-Up

The sign on the front of your building can be one of the biggest statements you make about your company. Having a sign that is well-lit can be even more impactful, allowing potential customers to take note of your business even at night. Our sign hook-up service at Barnett Electrical ensures that every business has the opportunity to be noticed by other members of the community.

Lighting Control

Being able to control your lighting inside your commercial property can save you hundreds of dollars each year on energy costs. Our lighting control service is at your disposal to create an efficient and well-lit environment. From occupancy sensors replacement to automatic dimmers, you can have complete control over the amount of light in your commercial building.

Providing the best electrical services in the Moore area is extremely important to us. Our passion is to help families and businesses safely enjoy all of the conveniences that a quality electrical system can provide. Call us today for additional information.