Mustang AC Services

It gets hot here every summer here in Mustang, OK. So at Barnett Electrical, we help our fellow residents stay comfortable with reliable AC installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

There’s no need to put up with the heat when you can cool down in no time with a bit of help from Barnett Electrical. We have over 35 years of experience handling both residential and commercial AC services, and our certified technicians can carry out any job quickly and competently.

AC Installations & Replacements

Our team is here to handle both new AC installations and AC replacements. We only hire professional technicians who can carry out your AC installation safely and reliably. Choosing Barnett Electrical means you’ll be getting a job well done as well as friendly, family-like service.

If your home has an older AC unit, it may be time for a replacement. Unfortunately, even the most durable AC units are unlikely to stay fully functional much longer than ten years. Even if your older AC unit still seems to be working, you should consider replacing it. A new, modern unit will help your wallet and the planet.

New AC units are much more efficient, delivering the same cooling while using less energy. Getting a new AC is both environmentally and economically sound. You could save a lot of money on utility bills over the course of your new unit’s life.

Is your air conditioner in constant need of repair? Unfortunately, as more and more components start to break down on your aging AC, you won’t save money by dragging it out, although many people think they can. On the contrary, your new AC unit will save you money on maintenance costs.

Installing or replacing an AC system is something you need professionals to handle. To find the proper size, we determine the cooling load of your home. That ensures that you have the suitable AC to keep your home cool without wasting money and energy on an AC that’s larger than necessary.

Barnett Electrical and our professional technicians can set you up with one of the latest AC models to deliver more cooling, greater efficiency, and better control. We can find the AC that’s just right for you, with features like programmable scheduling and more.

Reliable AC Repairs

When your AC isn’t working quite right, we offer convenient air conditioning repair services to get it back into working order. The next time you google “AC repair near me,” call Barnett Electrical for the most experienced and knowledgeable service in town.

Whether your unit is delivering too little or even no cooling, our experienced technicians can quickly find the root cause of the problem. In addition, we always provide transparent pricing and upfront quotes, so you’ll know what to expect before the repairs start.

Insufficient cooling isn’t the only sign to look out for that can indicate an AC in need of repair. If your AC starts making abnormal noises that it hasn’t before, clicks, rattling, or hissing, contact Barnett Electrical to get to the bottom of it.

If you want AC repair services that arrive on time and carry out the job at the quoted price, you can count on Barnett Electrical to deliver honest and reliable service every time.

AC Tune-Ups

An annual AC tune-up is the best way to ensure the continued good health of your AC system. This quick and convenient service can reduce your energy bills, make your AC last longer, and keep your home more comfortable during the summer heat.

Our skilled technicians will carry out the AC maintenance necessary to keep your AC going. We thoroughly clean your coils, giving you a more energy-efficient and effective AC, and verify the integrity of electrical components.

Every tune-up includes careful inspection for any problems that might develop in the future. We also calibrate your thermostat and controls to make sure you’re getting the most out of your AC.

Barnett Electrical Services

For any of the AC services you need, you can contact Barnett Electrical to get the best service in Mustang, OK. Schedule your next AC replacement, repair, or tune-up today.