Electricians in Mustang, OK

WhenMustang Electricians you stop to consider your electrical system, you will soon marvel at how many of your daily tasks depend on reliable electricity to complete. Your lights, refrigerator, computer, wifi, HVAC system, and electrical devices all use electricity. That is why it is so important to find a trustworthy electrician that can take care of every part of your system. At Barnett Electrical, we have devoted our lives to excellent service in Mustang and the surrounding areas.

Residential Electrical Services

Whether you are building your new dream home, or you are taking care of the home that you have lived in happily for years, we love helping homeowners improve their living spaces through electrical services in the Mustang area. There is no electrical service that we do not offer, from landscaping lighting services to electrical panel installations. Here is a sample of our residential services.

Electrical Upgrades

There are many small improvements that you can do to your home that will greatly increase your comfort and convenience inside your home. We can install smart doorbells, make your home safer by installing GFCI outlets, add security cameras, and install instant hot water systems. We also offer power roof vent services for homes in the Mustang area. Vents in the attic keep moisture out so that you can avoid problems with mold and rot.

Electrical Panels

Not every panel can handle the amount of electricity that the average modern home uses. A panel upgrade can help solve problems with frequently tripping breakers, insufficient outlets, and overuse of extension cords. If you have a panel that is more than 30 years old or you notice a burning smell, flickering lights, or a warm panel, call Barnett Electrical for a panel replacement or upgrade.

Outlet Repair and Installation

While standard outlets in the home are sufficient for many different tasks, electrical outlets have undergone many developments in previous years and many homes are in need of an upgrade so that they can better serve those who live there. If you often find yourself searching for an outlet where there are none, or if you find yourself wishing you could plug your USB device directly into the wall, we have outlet services to help you with all of your outlet installation needs.

Lighting Services

When the lighting in your home starts to have problems, there are many different causes. We are experts at finding the source, whether it is in the fixture itself or deeper within your electrical system. Call Barnett Electrical for superior residential lighting repair services.

Surge Protection

Power surges happen every day, but most are not strong enough to damage your home appliances and devices. However, power surges due to lightning strikes or other events can cause irreparable damage to computers, televisions, and other similar devices. The goal of whole home surge protection services is to provide your home with the necessary protection to help you avoid these costly situations.

Remodels and New Construction

When you build a new home, you have a unique chance to create a layout that meets the specific needs of your family. We can help with new construction and remodel projects to make sure that every inch of your electrical system works for you. Working with Barnett electrical for your large projects also means that you can be sure your home is safe and up to code.

Commercial Electrical Services

Taking care of other businesses in the Mustang area is one of our most fulfilling tasks. We love making businesses more energy-efficient with small changes such as occupancy sensors installation so that the company can use its resources for more important things. We are here to help make your business safer and more successful.

Security Cameras

One way to protect your building, employees and customers are to have state-of-the-art security cameras installed on your property. We can help you choose the right setup for your company with our security camera services. These services can help minimize theft, vandalism, and other crimes while also providing the necessary surveillance if a break-in does happen.

Generator Services

A power outage can be extremely disruptive for businesses that are not protected by a generator. Rather than finding yourself in the middle of a workday without lights or a point of sale system, you can invest in power loss assistance at Barnett Electrical. We can help you find a generator that can power all of your necessary electrical devices and will install it quickly so that your day is not interrupted.

Commercial Lighting

The choices that you make for your commercial lighting can have an impact on the comfort of your employees as well as the safety of everyone who visits your commercial property. We provide light pole repair services in the Mustang area to ensure a safe environment outside of your building, as well as lighting control service to give you more control over your electrical usage.

Sign Hook-Up

The sign outside your building can become an iconic symbol for those who pass by your building. Improve the curb appeal of your business and attract more customers with our sign hook-up service. We ensure quality electrical installations so that your sign will work reliably for years.

Occupancy Sensors

There are many options on the market today for helping your business to cut down on its electrical usage. You can use automatic dimming systems that work by detecting sunlight and adjusting accordingly. Motion Sensors and occupancy sensors are a way to make sure you are not wasting money to light rooms that don’t have any occupants. We offer occupancy sensors replacement and installation to give you more options for your business.

Whether you own a home or a business in the Mustang area, you can be confident in our ability to provide safe and precise electrical services. Our work meets the very highest standards for quality and each person on our team is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. If you are in the Mustang area, contact Barnett Electrical today.