Electricians in The Village, OK

For our family-owned company, electrical services are more than just a job. We understand that reliable electrical services can significantly improve the safety and the quality of life of families in our community. Barnett Electrical Services is proud to serve families and businesses in The Village area and we are committed to honest prices, safe installations, and fast turnarounds. Here are a few of the residential and commercial services that we offer in The Village.

Residential Services in The Village

The safety of homes in The Village is extremely important to us. Studies show that more than 6% of house fires are started because of some sort of electrical failure or problem. Fires that are started because of electricity rarely stay in one place but have a tendency to spread. Our goal is to prevent fires and electrical injury one home at a time by proving excellent services.

Electrical Upgrades

As technology improves and your family grows, your electrical system should improve and grow too. If any part of your electrical system is no longer sufficient for your needs, we are here to provide any electrical upgrade that you need. With our outlet installation services, you can keep your home safer by upgrading to GFCI outlets in your bathroom and kitchen, or by installing childproof outlets. We also offer a security camera, instant hot water, speaker, home automation, and power roof vent services for all of your upgrade needs.

Electrical Panel Repair and Installation

Often, when there are electrical problems in your home, it can be traced back to your electrical panel. Electrical panels can last for many years, but they will need occasional repairs and eventual replacement. If you have an older electrical panel such as a fuse box, now may be a good time to consider a panel upgrade. Whether you decide to simply repair your electrical panel or replace it, our services are fast and reliable.

Residential Lighting Services

There are many things to consider when planning a lighting installation project for your home. At Barnett Electrical Services, we have already considered many of these things for you. We have a treasure trove of good advice regarding energy-efficient lighting solutions, color temperature for your specific needs, and innovative home lighting controls. If you need a repair or you are looking for lighting solutions for your new construction, call one of our licensed electricians today.

Landscape Lighting

In addition to indoor lighting repair and installation, we also specialize in landscaping lighting. We believe that your yard should be a useable space that is inviting and safe. Our landscaping lighting services include garden lighting, path lighting, lighting to accent your trees or bushes, security lighting, motion sensor lighting, and more.

Surge Protection

While homeowners invest in home insurance and other forms of emergency protection, surge protection can often be overlooked. However, protecting your home from power surges can be fast and easy with our surge protection services. Many insurance plans don’t even protect against lightning strikes, so we install whole-home surge protection that will ensure that your appliances and devices are not damaged by a powerful storm.

Commercial Services in The Village

When you invest in high-quality electrical services for your business, you are ensuring the safety of your employees, creating a comfortable work environment, protecting your investments, and ensuring smooth business operations. Our business is here to help yours be successful through trustworthy electrical solutions.

Camera Installation Services

Ensuring the safety of your commercial building is one of the most important things that we do. Our safety camera systems are effective in discouraging theft and other crimes on your property and can be essential in safeguarding customers and employees as they enter and exit the building. Lean on Barnett Electrical for impeccable security camera services.


For many businesses, almost all of the devices and systems that are crucial for business operations run on electricity. Having these become non-operational is simply not an option. With our power loss assistance and generator installation and service, you are in good hands even during the strongest storms. With proper installation and maintenance, your generator will become operational the second your business loses power.

Lighting Services

The lighting that you choose inside and outside your commercial building can make a difference in employee comfort and even in successful sales. We can help you choose and install lighting for your warehouse, office building, retail space, or school. In addition, we can be there within hours for emergency light pole repair or to diagnose and repair flickering lights.

Sign Hookup

Your store’s sign is a wonderful chance for a good first impression. When you want a sign that captures the attention of potential customers and makes your storefront or building look attractive and beautiful, you can turn to Barnett Electrical. Our sign hook-up service is a good way to make sure you will not have any problems with your sign in the future so you can focus on building your business.

Automatic Lighting

You can lower your utility bills and improve the energy-efficiency of your home by the simple expedient of investing in a lighting control service. Businesses can make use of sunlight in their businesses by installing automatic lighting control. Some businesses even report up to 8 hours of lighting energy saved per business day.

In addition, many businesses limit light time through occupancy sensors installation. These lighting controls turn on and off automatically when employees or customers enter and exit the room. At Barnett Electrical, we serve The Village businesses through our high-quality occupancy sensors replacement and installation as well as motion sensors, automatic dimmers, and more.

At Barnett Electrical Services, we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and extensive knowledge. For more than 35 years we have been serving our area and providing essential products and services for homes and businesses. If you live in The Village area or you own a business and need fast and trustworthy electrical services, call our friendly team of licensed electricians, and we will be happy to help.