Ceiling Fan Installation in Oklahoma City, OK

You may spend months looking forward to the summer. Backyard barbecues, fun in the pool, afternoons with friends, and fishing may be just a few of the many activities you enjoy when this season arrives. However, you might also find you need respite from the heat. Ceiling fans provide relief when the sun is beaming in the sky. 

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Why Should You Opt for Ceiling Fan Installation in Oklahoma City, OK?

A person may question why they should consider ceiling fan installation. These ceiling fans come with many benefits that should be considered when deciding whether they will add value to the home. 

Ceiling fans work to cool a person rather than a room. You might find that you can raise the temperature in the home without sacrificing comfort when you opt for professional ceiling fan installation. 

Ceiling fans come in many styles, sizes, and colors. This allows you to choose a model that complements the decor in a room. Choose from traditional styles, luxurious models, or models with a tropical feel. Manufacturers even make models designed specifically with kids in mind, so finding the right fan for each room will take little effort on your part. 

The fan may serve a dual purpose. Not only will it cool the occupants of the room, but many fans come with light kits. This allows for a layered lighting design in the room. 

In fact, manufacturers make fans and light kits today that can be operated with a remote control. Other ceiling fan light kits come with a dimming feature, so a person can control the level of illumination in the room. 

Save money during the winter months with ceiling fan installation services. Use the fan to circulate warm air when the temperature drops outdoors. The direction in which the blades spin determines how the air circulates through the room.

When the blades spin counter-clockwise, the fan cools the room. If the blades spin clockwise, the fan redirects the warm air in the room so it fills the space. A draft is not created when the fan blades spin clockwise. 

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Why You Need Professional Ceiling Fan Installation 

You might think you have an easy ceiling fan installation project in mind. However, once you start the project, you quickly discover it is more complicated than you imagined. Avoid this problem by working with a ceiling fan installation contractor. 

Companies specializing in ceiling fan installation services know how to address any challenge that arises during this project. They can handle problems with the ceiling fan installation wiring, ensure the fan is the right size for the space, and more. 

In addition, many homes today have vaulted ceilings. This never makes for an easy ceiling fan installation, as ceiling fans aren’t light. Two or more people may need to stand on ladders or scaffolding to install the fan. This is not a task for the average homeowner. 

The contractor has the equipment and tools needed to do the job right, from securing the fan to handling the ceiling fan installation wiring. You will have confidence the job was done right from start to finish. 

Some people worry about the ceiling fan installation cost. It isn’t as much as many people imagine. However, there is no price that can be put on your peace of mind when you know the work has been done right, your family and home will be safe, and the fan will work as intended. When you look at it this way, the ceiling fan installation cost is negligible.

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Making the Most of Your Ceiling Fan Installation in Oklahoma City, OK

Energy.gov offers suggestions to ensure you see the best return on investment with your ceiling fan installation. Choose a fan with the ENERGY STAR designation, as this shows the fan is energy efficient. 

Have the ceiling fan installation contractor place the fan in a room with a ceiling that is at least eight feet high. The blades should be positioned seven to nine feet from the floor for optimal performance. Ensure the blades are ten to 12 inches from the ceiling when installed. 

Work with a company specializing in ceiling fan installation services. They ensure the fan is sized appropriately for the room where it will be installed. In addition, they follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the fan to prevent problems in the future. 

Always turn ceiling fans off when leaving a room. The fan only cools individuals in the room. They don’t actually reduce the temperature in the room, even with professional ceiling fan installation. They are not designed to do so. By turning off the fan when you leave the room, you’ll save money on energy bills each month. 

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Why Choose Barnett Electrical Services for Ceiling Fan Installation? 

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